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Kids tune

The Kids tune is for kids bikes (16" - 24" wheels) It's a basic, Basic Tune. The braking and shifting is adjusted and the wheels are trued on the bike.


Basic tune

This Package includes adjustments and lubrication of all of the major systems including: Shifting, Braking, Steering, as well a complete Truing of both wheels. Additionally the frame is wiped down of excess dirt and inspected for damage. *All parts additional


Premium Tune

This package includes all elements of the Basic Tune and also includes: Removal and cleaning of all drivetrain components, lubrication and reinstallation. *All parts additional


Complete Mechanical Overhaul

This package includes the complete disassembly, cleaning, lubrication and reinstallation of all bicycle components. *All parts additional


Box a Bike

Box up a bike and have it ready for shipping.


Box a Bike and ship via

Drop off a bike and give the address of where you want it shipped, we'll box it and handle all shipping logistics. *Plus shipping charge.

$70.00 + shipping

Bike Hard Case Rental

The ultra-strong Iron Case was designed and created to take the worry out of traveling with your bicycle. Hard shell case with 3 layers of foam protect your bike, easy to roll and is fully lockable.

$10 a day

Shop Labor

Need suspension work? Want to build an Industry 9 wheel set? Stop by or call for a quote on any project.

$60.00 per hour


Flat Tire Fix / Tire Install

$5.00 + Tube

True Wheel


True Wheel w/ Spoke Replace


Adjust Derailleur


Adjust Brake


Bleed Brakes

$15.00 per (+ materials)

Fork Service Seals and Wipers

$60.00 (+ materials)

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Hockey + More


Hockey Skate Sharpen

$ 6.00

5 Skate Sharpens-Bulk

$1 off per sharpen if you buy the bulk pack


Goalie Skate or Rusty Blade

$ 7.00

1st Skate Sharpen

Free if purchased at Waterbury Sports


Skate Heat Molding

Free if purchased at Waterbury Sports


Blade Radius Profile


Skate Rivet Repair

per steel rivet


Skate Rivet Repair

per copper rivet



Car Rack Install

Free if purchased at Waterbury Sports

Starting at $10.00

Lacrosse Stringing

Depending on string kit...

Starting at $15.00

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Winter Sports


Basic Tune

Includes base grind, edge sharpen and a hot wax


Premium Tune

Includes all P-Tex repairs, base grind, edge sharpen and hot wax


Sharpen and Wax

Edge sharpening and hot wax.


Edge Sharpen

as it says...


Hot Wax

as it says...


BC wax ski tune

Includes smoothing out base on tips and tails and edge sharpen.


Ski Mount Alpine/Telemark


XC Mount


Alpine Binding Adjustment and Check


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